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We had considered going to Hawaii for our honeymoon 35 years earlier, but chose Banff instead.  When Emily’s sister, Olive, planned to go to Hawaii, she asked us (including all members of our family) if we would also like to go along, on our own pennies.  We decided to go.  But of our children, only Daniel would be able to go; making it Four For Hawaii.

We flew into Oahu and stayed there for about a week, without getting to any of the other islands.  We rented a house on the west side, and a car.  The first day of activities Daniel got injured at the beach — both a foot and a hand badly ripped open.  But, after 7 stitches in his foot, he was able to do things every day — though a couple of planned activities had to be skipped.  Here are some of the things we saw and did:

This was the first trip to add a new state to our Visited List since 1985!  We have now visited 49 of the 50 states.

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