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Emily & Amy left on this trip in the van on Wednesday, July 1st, while Warren left after work on Thursday, July 9th in the Rav4.  The ladies spent the first part of the vacation visiting family in Ohio and Eastern Pennsylvania, and friends in the Pittsburgh area.  They would all end up at the Osceola County Fairground campground in Evart, MI on Friday the 10th, where the bulk of the vacation was spent. 

The Dulcimer Funfest is presented by the “Original Dulcimer Players Club” (a group of people who play the original [i.e. the hammered] dulcimer in Michigan).  But many folks arrive a week earlier to take advantage of the musical atmosphere and jam day after day.  This was our third time at the FunFest, but the first time we arrived the week earlier.  We would use this location as our home base for seeing other sites. 

We drove up to Mackinac City to revisit Fort Michilimackinac, as we had done in 2000.  As before, it was a lot of fun.  Amy took the following picture.

Fort Michilimackinac
See 2000 Michigan for another picture.

After taking a day to rest up from that day trip, we also revisited Windmill Island at Holland, Michigan, where the old Dutch Windmill (relocated from the Netherlands) called De Zwaan (the Swan) is located.

Windmill Island
See 2000 Michigan for a picture of De Zwaan.

The FunFest began on Thursday morning the 16th.  The next evening something called the “pre-show” was held.  The idea is to try to break the record for number of hammered dulcimer players performing at the same time.  There have been upwards of 300 in past years; but there were reportedly 196 this year.  In the following picture (which doesn’t have all of the players), Warren is all the way to the audience’s right — a small red arrow has been added to point him out.

Pre-Show Dulcimer Performance

After 3 days of festival, including classes, concerts and more jamming, we left Evart, MI to stay with Emily’s brother’s family in Ohio.  From there we backtracked up to Detroit twice: one day to visit the Henry Ford Museum (where we got to see the steam locomotive that Warren had helped to cosmetically restore 20 years earlier), and the next day to visit Greenfield village.  We had been wanting to see these for years, and were glad to finally be able to do so.  They were well worth the driving.  (However, these are not visitor friendly with respect to parking, bathrooms, and so on.  They could learn a lot from other museums and tourist attractions!)

It was kinda odd returning home in 2 vehicles.  But we made it by Wednesday night, the 22nd.  The trip information on the main vacation index page only includes the portion of the trip when we were together, and specifically the Rav4 miles.

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