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See the 1985 Florida Everglades Trip for a general discussion of these somewhat regular/irregular snow-bird excursions. 

Interesting items about this trip were:

We stayed the first night in Pensacola, FL, and left Heidi at PCC the next morning.  Our second night was spent with Warren’s dad and step-mom at their winter home near Brooksville, FL.  Our third day got us to the Everglades.

On our first full day at the park, Warren took a morning hike while Emily and the kids biked.  Then we spent time at the Royal Palm area on the Anhinga Trail.  There was a lot of wildlife there that day.  This is a typical resident at the Anhinga Trail, an American alligator.  → Alligators along the Anhinga Trail
Glades and Pine Lands ← Later, Warren took an afternoon hike from an old road off of the end of the campground.  This is a typical view across the glade area of the pine lands.

That evening Warren’s dad and step-mom arrived with their camping trailer.

The second day we drove down to the other end of the park, to Flamingo, to rent a couple of canoes to take out on Florida Bay.  Being land lubbers, we didn’t realize that it was low tide.  Here’s Daniel at the front of his and Warren’s canoe.  →

We couldn’t get very close to either of the keys we wanted to visit, Bradley or Joe Kemp, because we would hit bottom before we got there.  But we did enjoy the canoing exercise in the sun.

Daniel in our canoe on Florida Bay

Each day we enjoyed the sun, the wildlife, and hiked.  After a few days we were prepared for Warren & Emily to go on the longest hike of the trip, in the pine lands, in the North portion of the Long Pine Key area.

Tree Snail on the Pine Lands Hike

← This is one of the tree snails we saw along the 4 mile hike through the pine lands.  It’s always fun to look for these snails.

The first couple of days of our stay were pretty warm and sticky.  But after a rain storm on Thursday, the weather was beautiful after that, including during that long hike on Saturday.

Here’s a beautiful ending to one of the beautiful days we spent here.  This was taken from our campsite.  →

We also spent a day at the upper keys before calling it quits.  We re-visited the Wild Bird Sanctuary and the Shell World gift shops.  But we also visited something we hadn’t before: Theater of the Sea.  That was not cheap, but it was interesting and different.  There were talks on fish, turtles, and sharks; a trained parrot show; a dolphin show; a sea lion show; and other activities.

Evening at our Long Pine Key campsite

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