Warren & Emily SwanTrips → 2002 Florida Everglades

See the 1985 Florida Everglades Trip for a general discussion of these somewhat regular/irregular snow-bird excursions. 

Interesting items about this trip were:

Warren’s dad and step-mother were already there, as usual.

Warren set up the hammered dulcimer at the campground, and played it from time to time.  One day someone told Warren that a lady was playing another hammered dulcimer at another site, 66.  Warren stopped by and found that this site happened to be a kind of gathering place for several musicians, since the husband in this old couple played the harmonica.  They told him the dulcimer player was from site 87.  So Warren dropped over there to meet Val Karhu, who quickly became friends with our family.  We had dulcimer jams at our campsite several evenings.  Val had taken up the HD about 10 years earlier when she was widowed.  She invited us to come to the giant dulcimer festival at Evart in her home state, Michigan, in July.  We’d heard of that festival but didn’t go to it until this year.

Pinelands Trail One of Warren’s main goals for this trip was to get in enough condition to hike the 4 mile Pinelands Trail, as he had done back in 1988.  Here’s a picture of the this trail through the Florida Slash Pines.  →

That portion is dry, but some of it was slick, making hiking difficult.  Emily & Daniel left the van at the other end of the trail and rode their bikes the opposite direction.

We found a man-made “hammock”, which we’d never noticed before, along the road at the end of the campground.  We called it Fort Hammock.  We also found a lot of tree snails here, which we are always on the look-out for in pine-land areas in the fresh water part of the park.

Daniel & ’Gator Friends ← Here’s Daniel at Shark Valley, in the North part of the park, several hours drive from the campground, with some “friends.” Someone in Hollywood or somewhere made a cartoon alligator that was green.  Then there were toys and more cartoons and mementos and so on, all with green alligators.  Now that is the norm.  Odd, because as you can see all alligators are as black as rubber tires. 

Leaving the Everglades, we picked up Grandmother Wells at her brother- and sister-in-law’s place at New Smyrna Beach, visited with other relatives nearby, and then headed home.

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