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See the 1985 Florida Everglades Trip for a general discussion of these somewhat regular/irregular snow-bird excursions. 

Interesting items about this trip were:

We were surprised to meet a man in Georgia at a Shoney’s Big Boy Breakfast Bar who knew where Paw Paw, Illinois was.  Turns out he was from the small town of Wyanet, which we had been through many times.  Then it turned out that friends of ours from 8 years before, when we were living in Wheaton, IL, were also close friends of his. 

We stayed one night in Northern Florida at O’Leno State Park, to avoid having to drive straight through, as we used to do when we were younger.  Warren’s dad, Franklin, and stepmother, Lynn, had sent us a postcard from the Everglades, which we didn’t receive until we got back home.  They didn’t know we were coming down and would be there for some of the days they were there.  But we noticed their car and trailer right away when we reached Long Pine Key Campground.

We only had one little catastrophe on this trip.  The trailer battery ran out of juice and so Warren backed the van up to it to hook up the electric cord.  After Warren got out of the van it slipped from park into reverse and ran into the trailer while Warren was trying to stop it.  Damage to the trailer wasn’t much, but the van had a dent in the door from then on.  It cost far too much to justify having it taken out.

The trailer still didn’t have the air conditioning unit yet, but it wouldn’t have mattered since the Everglades does not have electric (or water) hook-ups.

Even though we were going at the end of January and beginning of February, there had still been too much rain during their supposed “dry season.“ Some of the usual hiking roads were still quite wet.

We did the usual hikes, swimming at John Pennekamp Corral Reef State Park, shopping at the Shell Man, and so on.

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