Warren & Emily SwanTrips → 1998 Florida Everglades

See the 1985 Florida Everglades Trip for a general discussion of these somewhat regular/irregular snow-bird excursions. 

Interesting items about this trip were:

We brought our oldest utility trailer filled with bicycles.  After we stayed with Warren’s step-sister’s family in Orlando, we left his dad and stepmother to stay there longer and started down toward the Everglades.  In a short while our trailer lost a wheel.  We managed to get our spare to stay on long enough to get back to Orlando, where we brought the trailer to get fixed.

Since it would be several days before the trailer would be fixed, we stayed with Warren’s “step family” in Orlando, and took one day out to visit Kennedy Space Center, which we had originally planned to do at the end of the vacation.

Eventually the fixing of the trailer took too many days, and we decided to cram everything into our van and go the the Everglades.  A couple of days later Dad & Lynn arrived and took a nearby site at Long Pine Key Campground.

At Shark Valley we took the tram ride to the tower, rather than renting bikes.

One day we headed down to Key West ahead of Dad & Lynn, waiting on the beach on the East side of the island to meet with them.  We walked the old town together with them.  We agreed that Key West has become too much of a haven for perverts to bother to come all this way down again.  Henceforth we would only visit the upper keys.

The main visitors center at Everglades National Park, destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, had been completed being rebuilt since last time we were here in 1994.

On the way home from the Everglades we picked up the trailer, which had a new axle put onto it.  One side didn’t have a hub cap, so we stopped at a trailer place to get one and found that the first place had given us a used, bad trailer hub.  So we had it replaced.  We stopped at a large rest area near Chattanooga, at Nickajack Dam.  There we were surprised to find Warren’s dad and stepmother, who had started out separately.

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