Warren & Emily SwanTrips → 1994 Kentucky

This was a shorter vacation due to a couple of reasons.  We camped one night at the beautiful John J. Audubon State Park.  We stayed at Mammoth Cave and took the Travertine Tour. 

It became a Cumberland vacation when we took the Cumberland Parkway, hiked down to the Cumberland Falls and visited the Cumberland Gap.  At the Pinnacle Overlook we took a hike and Warren took the classic picture of everyone else in two states at the same time, Kentucky and Virginia.  Warren’s family had taken pictures here some 25 years earlier.

We camped at Natural Bridge State Park at the Whittleton Campground.  We hiked to Henson’s Cave, and took the sky lift to the Natural Bridge.

We ran into some rain at Fort Boonesborough State Park.  But Daniel did get to go mini-golfing.  It held off raining while we visited the interesting Fort Boonesborough itself, with its crafters.

Kentucky Horse Park Since it was expensive, Emily visited the Kentucky Horse Park, while Warren read in the van.  →

The kids swam at the pool, until it got too cool.

We took a ride on the Blue Grass Scenic Railroad through the beautiful Kentucky countryside.  It was their “Hobo Days” weekend, so the hosts were dressed as hobos.

On the way back toward home, we dropped in on Warren’s sister Barbara and brother-in-law, who were building a new house (actually mansion) near Marion, Illinois.  The kids had some horse rides there.

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