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This was another vacation where we started as soon as Warren got home from work.  This time we had our first child, Olive, with us.  We toured Lincoln’s New Salem and sites in Springfield, including Lincoln’s home, a telephone museum, and the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home. 

We cross the might Mississippi River at St. Louis and camped at Meramec Caverns, which is over-rated.  Too much man-made lighting and effects, and too little cave.  There are much better!

At Little Rock, Arkansas we stayed with a friend of Emily’s.  At Hot Springs, AR, we hiked the Sunshine Trail, but had to return to the car in a pouring rain.  We stayed that night in Tallulah, Louisiana at a hotel — a rare treat because of the rain.

We re-crossed the Mississippi River and visited the fascinating Vicksburg battlefield.

Cannon at Vicksburg Olive wants to take a shot at the rebel forces at Vicksburg, Mississippi.  →

We saw the Cairo, an ironclad raised from the bottom of the Mississippi River, where it had sunk during the civil war after hitting a “torpedo” (we’d call it a mine, now).

From there we headed to Pensacola, Florida and Fort Pickens.  This is where Pensacola Christian College is, whence Emily received her Master’s Degree, and which daughters Olive & Heidi attended.  We watched the Blue Angels overhead while swimming at the beach, then visited the Naval Air Museum.

We left Fort Pickens and went on to Atlanta, Georgia and camped at Stone Mountain.  After site-seeing at this park we left and headed North.

At the Great Smoky Mountain National Park we camped at Smokemont.  We tried to visit Clingman’s Dome that evening, but the fog was so thick we had to give it up.

We enjoyed driving the Blue Ridge Parkway

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway Along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  →

Thence we headed East to visit with Emily’s sister, Wilma, and family in Chesapeake.  We also visited the Douglas MacArthur museum while staying there.

In Fredericksburg, Virginia we visited friends.  Emily’s sister, Olive, was also in Fredericksburg, and she drove with us over to see the birthplaces of George Washington (Popes Creek Plantation) and Robert E. Lee (Stratford Hall), then we visited Mount Vernon.

In Washington D.C. we visited several museums, the Jefferson Memorial, and the National Archives, where we saw THE Declaration of Independence and part of THE U. S. Constitution.

Jefferson Memorial ← Emily carrying Olive and an umbrella (against a gentle drizzle) to the Jefferson Memorial. 

We didn’t stay, but continued on toward Gettysburg, which we reached at night.  Being low on funds, we decided to just go on and see this profound site later (which we would).  We arrived in Pittsburgh, PA early in the morning.

We stayed here a few days.  Warren flew out to New Jersey for a business meeting, and returned two days later.

We returned home after being on the trip 23 days, the longest trip we ever took in elapsed time, because of that odd business trip near the end of the vacation trip!

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