Warren & Emily SwanTrips → 1984

On this “third honeymoon” we headed to the Northeast.  Our first stop was to spend a day with Emily’s parents in Pittsburgh, PA.  We drove across Pennsylvania to spend an evening and morning with Emily’s aunt Pauline and cousin Jim Hornberger in a Philadelphia suburb. 

We drove across New Jersey to see the Statue of Liberty, which was ensheathed in scaffolding for some major work.

Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty on New Jersey soil (in NY Harbor).  →

We also visited Ellis Island, New York City, and William Gillette’s castle.  He was famous for playing Sherlock Holmes on the stage early in the last century.  We visited Emily’s aunt on Rhode Island.  We camped that night on Cape Cod, where it rained (again).

We went on to Plymouth to see where the Pilgrims landed.  At Boston, Massachusetts, we walked the freedom trail to Bunker Hill.  We boarded the U.S.S. Constitution, saw Paul Revere’s statue and home, and the State House, standing for a moment on the spot of the “Boston Massacre.”

When we camped in New Hampshire we had our first rainless night, after 3 days of rain.  We camped at Quechee Gorge in Vermont, a beautiful place to stay, and bought a packet of trivia game cards in a nearby gift shop.

Quechee Gorge View from Quechee Gorge of the highway bridge far above.  →

We enjoyed Vermont’s covered bridges and beautiful countryside.  We drove through the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, then into Maine.  We had been so intently playing with the trivia game cards we’d bought earlier, that we didn’t realize how low we were on gas.  A little walking and a can of gas later, we were back on the road. 

We camped in Bar Harbor, Maine for two nights.  We hiked Cadillac Mountain on what we called the “Rocks and Roots Trail.” We visited Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, climbing on the huge rocks along the shore.

We entered Canada and drove through New Brunswick to Nova Scotia.  We boarded a ferry to Prince Edward Island (there being no bridge to it back then).  We bought an old wagon wheel from the camp host here and brought it home on the top of the car!

PEI ← Our campsite on P.E.I.  Our 1979 Datsun F-10 and borrowed tent. 

Back on the mainland we visited Fort Beausejour, then headed across New Brunswick toward Quebec.  Along the way we saw the world’s longest covered bridge in Hartland, NB.

We visited the old citadel in Quebec.  We camped in Montreal and had nice chats with several of the folks there — one of the nice things about camping out.

When we camped at Shalamar lake near Niagara Falls, we visited the falls at night.

Niagara Falls The American Falls from the Canadian side.  →

In the morning we visited the town of Niagara Falls in Canada, walking around to the various museums.  Ripley’s Believe It Or Not was the best.  It started to sprinkle as we walked along viewing the falls, and a sudden down-pour caught us before we could get back to the car.  We were drenched.

Although we hadn’t planned to, we decided to head back down to Pittsburgh, PA before heading home.  Emily’s parents were sure surprised when Emily peeked in the screen door and said, “We came back to visit you.” We stayed there another day before heading back to Illinois.

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