Warren & Emily SwanTrips → 1983

On this “second honeymoon”, our longest trip in miles, Warren & Emily hopped into our little Datsun F-10 after work on Friday, July 1, and drove all night and the next day, stopping for lunch at Casa Bonita in Denver, and camped for the first time on the west side of Colorado. 

Continuing through Utah and Nevada, we reached Yosemite National Park by the 4th of July.  We drove up the California coast marveling at the gigantic trees, and camped for 3 days near Eureka, which was interesting for its lumber history and Victorian homes.

Carson Mansion William Carson the Lumber Magnate built this home in 1886.  →

We visited the thunderous Rogue River in Oregon.  After deflecting for miles to reach Crater Lake we never saw it!  A snow blizzard (in July!) caused white-out conditions, which we had to drive through back toward the coast.

We really enjoyed the coast! We stayed with it through Oregon and Washington all the way to Fort Stevens.

Oregon Coast, July 8 ← Here we are along the Oregon coast on July 8. 

We were fascinated by the devastation to Mt. Saint Helens 3 years earlier.  The region-changing effects of this event show how powerful a single volcano can be, and makes one stop to consider the earth-changing effects of a multitude of erupting volcanoes after the global flood of Noah’s day.  It becomes obvious that things can happen fast! No eons of ages to make thick sediment layers then erode them into new landscapes, but instead just hours and days.

Heading east through Idaho and Montana, we dropped down to visit Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, then Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.  Our second time in 2 years, and Warren’s third time in 3 years!  But it is a fantastic place to visit.

We hardly got any sleep the night we camped east of Yellowstone in Gallatin National Forest.  We had heard that there were bears in the area, and we only had a small tent.  When we got home we found out that only 2 weeks prior a man had been partially eaten by a bear that could smell food on him (probably fish or peanut butter).  Yikes!

We drove through the Bighorn mountains and east toward the Badlands.  The only thing we stopped to do here was to visit the infamous tourist trap, Wall Drug in South Dakota.  We were tired from driving and excited to get home.  So we just drove all the way from that last campground in Gallatin N.F., arriving home at about 3:00 PM, July 13, having gone a mere 6,049.8 miles!

visited 15 states (30%)
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