Warren & Emily SwanTrips → 1982

This was our honeymoon trip, starting out on the day after we were married, which was Saturday, 7 August 1982. 

We both liked tent camping, so that’s what we did, all the way out to Banff in Alberta, Canada.

Bonanzaville USA Our first site-seeing stop was Bonanzaville USA near West Fargo, ND.  We spent about 3 hours at this museum and “old west village.” →

We drove into Canada below Winnipeg, where we caught the trans-Canada route and headed west.  We were surprised at how light it was so late, after setting up camp at Tillebrook Provincial Park.  Then we realized, first, that we had entered Mountain Time, and being so far North, the sun sets later and rises earlier in Summer.

We were glad to see the mountains after 5 days of driving flat lands.  We camped at Banff National Park and took the Gondola Ride up Mount Torquay.

Lake Louise ← We canoed around in Lake Louise first, then hiked around it an estimated 20 miles.  Ah, for the days of youth.  We even hiked up along a water fall from one plateau to the next.  Here we have hiked far above the lake and are looking down on it and the fancy lodge there.  Sorry, but we only had a real cheap point-and-shoot camera of those days. 

Several times during this day we heard avalanches from a glacier high up the mountain from us.  We finally started to hear something and turned around to see the ending of an avalanche.

We started to drive toward Jasper but didn’t get there.  Instead we stopped to hike up to a view of Peyto Lake; then we stopped to take a tour of the Athabasca Glacier on a shuttle/snow track.

When we crossed back into the U. S. at Eureka, Montana, a clanking under hood demanded immediate attention.  I tightened the belt to the water pump and we continued on.  A few miles South of town the loud “thud” under the hood indicated the worst: the water pump shaft had broken.  We started to carry some essentials back toward town, but begged a ride from locals.  We set up camp at the town park, checked out a little pioneer village there and slept.

The next morning we ordered the part from a parts store (to be delivered in 2 days), and then started looking for a reasonable towing service.  We didn’t like what we found and were just walking back toward camp when the Chevy dealer we’d talked to about a tow saw us.  He told us that he had to go to Kalispell this day and that he would take care of the towing and getting the part.  We were growing concerned as the day wore on and he didn’t show up.  Kalispell is 60 miles away.

Eureka, MT area from the air He finally showed up, picked us up and stopped to cancel the order, then drove the wrong way!  We got just North of Eureka and he pulled into a small airport, pulled out his private plane, and we flew down to Kalispell, where he had another car.  He drove around town doing several chores, stopped in at the Datsun dealer and got the water pump.  Then we flew back up to Eureka.  He had a ball showing us the surrounding area from the air!  →

Yellowstone Lower Falls ← We drove down to Yellowstone National Park, which Warren had visited the previous year.  We saw an awful lot of the geysers, paint pots, fumaroles, the Grand Caņon of the Yellowstone, and so on, all in one day.  Here is the Lower Yellowstone Falls. 

We left via Bear Tooth Pass, and went through Bighorn Pass.  In Western South Dakota we looked for ghost towns, something we would do on various other Western vacations.

Mount Rushmore At Keystone we visited Rushmore Cave, and of course Mount Rushmore.  →

In the Badlands of South Dakota we stopped for our first visit to that famous tourist trap, Wall Drug.  Honeymooners got a free donut, as do law enforcers, truckers, and a bunch of other categories.  From thence we did the Big Push to our home, an apartment in Palatine, IL.

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