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The odd thing about this picture is how many of these instruments we still have and don't have.
Hammered Dulcimer is now in Florida. I sold it when upgrading to a model with more strings (and notes).
12-String Guitar is now in Illinois. Emily sold her 12 string guitar and I didn't know it at the time.
Mountain Dulcimer is now who-knows-where. I had bought a smaller one for short fingers, so I sold this one.
Violin (“Fiddle”) is now in Illinois with our oldest daughter.
Tin (or Irish) Whistle I still have the one in the picture, but I don't use that one much. I use a much nicer Thin Weasel PVC pipe whistle.
Autoharp (not shown). Traded in my freebie for a beautiful Oscar Schmidt OS-21C.
Others I still have & use the tenor recorder and harmonica, and Emily still uses her 6-string guitar.

That's the way it is with musical instruments.

Not only that, the picture was taken on the Illinois prairie, where we'd built our own home. Now we live 500 miles away in the Southwest Missouri Ozarks.

That's the way it is with life!

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