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Warren Swan grew up in Oak Forest, IL and earned his BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). After working for AT&T, then Lucent Technologies, he was out-sourced to IBM, where he continued to work for Lucent until 2003, when God moved the family down to the Southwest Missouri Ozarks; He retired in September 2016 and passed away in December 2018.

Have you Considered?

The world says that people are basically good.  They say it all the time in books, magazines, movies (for example in Secondhand Lions) and in daily conversations.  But is that what God says?

You know, God is not capricious.  He would not do something as drastic as sending His Son to die in our places and take our sins away if we did not need it.  That would make no sense at all!  The very fact that He did send his Son to die for us must mean that it was necessary.  But for whom?  Perhaps you’re saying, “But I’ve never done anything really bad like murder someone.” But God says in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned and come short of His glory.  How bad is bad?  Do we have a right to tell God how many “little” sins we should be allowed to get away with and yet still be admitted into His heaven?  Of course we do not.  God does not want any sin in His heaven.  So you ask, “How can anyone get into heaven if all have sinned?”

Well now we’re back to why He sent His Son — God made flesh, the God-man who is the only man who never sinned — so that He could take our punishment for us.  (John 3:16)  The righteousness of Jesus is imputed to us, even though we do not deserve it, if we just believe that Our Savior died for us, and repent, and ask Him to take over our lives.

Perhaps you’re thinking that there is some other way.  But wait a minute; think about it.  Isn’t that an insult to God; telling Him, in effect, that He — not sparing His only Son, but sending Him to earth to take our punishment — perhaps did that for no reason?  That He doesn’t know what He’s doing??  If there were any other way, don’t you think that an all-wise God would have taken another course?  Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Him (John 14:6).

The answer is simple: God hates sin, but He loves the sinner;  loves us so much, that He sent His Son, who knew no sin, to take our sins upon Himself.  All that remains for us to do is to accept His gift.

God never intended for us to run our own lives.  When Adam and Eve walked with Him in the garden, He was able to counsel them on every matter, small or large.  When they rebelled against Him, and sin was introduced into the human race, humankind’s close bond with our Maker was broken.  We did die spiritually.  And all of us are affected because we are their descendants.  We are born rebelling against God our Maker (Romans 3:10-11).  We can only find true meaning in life, and a degree of happiness (while still limited in these bodies of flesh), by turning our lives back over to the One who knows the best how our lives should be lived.  (John 10:10)  Then one day, when we are freed from the shackles of this earthly body, we will know unending peace and contentment with Him in His glory.

It is our prayer that you will come to know Jesus as your own personal Savior.  Why not do so today?

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